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about the artist

Craig Henderson, aka the Jassartis, subscribes to the portrayal of modern society through his use of bright colors and  geometric complexities.  Using both digital and physical paintbrushes, Craig's translation of modern cubism stimulates feelings of nostalgia, joy and love. Since 2015, his artwork has focused on portraits and genre scenes that are typically inspired by pop culture.

Hailing from the colorful streets of Brooklyn, New York, Craig was destined to be an artist.  He started illustrating at the age of 5, and was often cheered on by his grandfather, a painter, and his close-knit community in Bedford Stuyvesant.

What makes Jassart so special?  Whether a portrait of a Hip Hop legend, a creative depiction of a client's loved one, or a jazz scene, each creation is a unique masterpiece featuring racing lines, bold hues, intense emotion and recognizable themes.

Craig's ultimate goal is to inspire the youth of our generation to follow their dreams, whatever that may be. He firmly believes that true greatness can be achieved in any field and that hard-work, dedication and a positive attitude are the building blocks to leading a successful life where you can wake up every morning excited to work on your passion.   

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